Lisa Sallwasser brings 20 plus years of creative energy and strategic vision to the Team. Her proven expertise is in brand creation and recharging – reinventing and reinvigorating. There are no cookie cutter solutions to the complex design solutions for today’s market. Lisa knows you have to be current, energetic and almost-crazy to survive and deliver the quality clients demand.

Eleven years ago, after working at 5 different agencies, Lisa decided to go it on her own and the clients followed. It’s been an amazing roller coaster of working every weekend, waking up on the middle of the night to jot down tag-lines on the paper by the bed, traveling the country and the world to get smarter and learn more. You can’t fake really knowing trends or how to interpret research; how to think on your feet and run with the big dogs even when the little dogs are the coworkers at your feet.

A virtual agency was something that needed explanation a decade ago – but we knew it was the future of work and partnerships. And our Team of colleagues have worked together for more than a decade. We are nimble, flexible and inquisitive. Our attention to detail is fanatical and focus on the goal, formidable.


This is our dream job.


We’re sort of obsessed with the pursuit of the clever, the well designed, the quintessential tagline. Design, style, marketing… hidden double meaning slang and underground street cred, letter spacing on street signs, color desires and moving the furniture every day – it’s what makes us tick.

We look forward to working with those that are as driven, interesting and motivated as our team is. Set the bar high – and then leap for it.